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Help Your Horse Feel Their Best

As a passionate horse owner, I understand the deep connection you share with your equine partner and your unwavering commitment to their overall health and performance. Whether you compete in various disciplines or simply enjoy recreational riding, you’ve likely noticed a shift in performance or signs of discomfort, pain, or behavioral issues in your horse, and you’re eager to find solutions that will help them feel and perform their best.

Meet Shana

owner + Equine Bodyworker

Located in Boise, Idaho, my love affair with horses started young, and ultimately led me to bodywork. I received my Equine Body Worker Certification through Equinology, Inc, one of few Institutes that is RACE approved. I truly love what I do and enjoy getting to work with a wide variety of different horses.

The Benefits of Bodywork

Through a gentle, holistic approach I use a variety of specialized hands-on modalities that can profoundly enhance your horse’s health, performance, and comfort. By relieving pain, improving flexibility, increasing circulation and promoting relaxation, these sessions create a deep connection with your horse and provide exceptional advantages for his/her well-being, proactively identifying restrictions or concerns before they become bigger problems.

You will feel the improvements in your horse’s movement, behavior, and overall quality of life. Embark on this transformative journey with me and experience the incredible benefits that await your equine partner.

Why Choose SRC Equine?


Holistic Assessment and Personalized Plan

I take a holistic approach to assess your horse’s symmetry, balance, gait, and biomechanics. Through both static and dynamic evaluations, I gain valuable insights into your horse’s specific needs. Following the session, you can expect a comprehensive report with detailed diagrams. 

To ensure ongoing benefits, I provide you with a proactive plan to maintain the positive effects of the session. This plan includes mobilizations, stretches, massage techniques, and exercises to further enhance your horse’s posture and biomechanics.


Commitment to You Through Education

As an experienced practitioner with over 800 class hours, I employ a range of specialized bodywork techniques that are tailored to your horse’s unique requirements and discipline. There are many tools available for bodywork; however, I have chosen to dedicate my resources to  best-in-the-field education in equine anatomy, physiology, soft tissue mobilization, sports massage, myofascial release, gait analysis, and equine biomechanics in order to provide the best hands-on answers for you and your horse. 


Collaboration with Your Horse's Wellness Team

I strongly believe in the power of collaboration and working together with your horse’s wellness team. By partnering with veterinarians, rehab specialists, physiotherapists, and chiropractors, we can achieve the best possible outcomes for your horse. 

I view my bodywork services as a valuable complement to other forms of treatment, and by working in tandem, we can create a comprehensive care plan that integrates different modalities to support your horse’s optimal health and performance.

"Luna was moving like she spent an hour in a hot tub last night. She felt like butter."

Dr. Laura Lefkowitz, DVM
Dressage rider

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