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Equine Bodywork
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Equine Sports Massage

An effective modality for performance, sport and pleasure horses, sports massage targets the musculoskeletal system to relieve muscle tension, soreness, knots or adhesions. Bodywork can include soft-tissue and spinal mobilization, cross-fiber massage, focal point work, range of motion and stabilization exercises, stretching, muscle activation techniques, poll, hyoid and TMJ release. 

Suppleness, symmetry, balance, and movement are improved through massage providing better circulation, increased range of motion and more fluid stride. This hands-on approach to bodywork assists in identifying small issues before they become bigger problems and should be included in any athlete’s routine as part of their wellness plan.

Myofascial Release

MFR, as originally taught by John F Barnes, PT, addresses the whole horse and targets fascia – the network of connective tissue that surrounds each muscle and is the architectural framework that holds every structure in the body. When one part of this web has been injured or damaged (think of the intricacies of a spider’s web), the effect is felt throughout the whole body. MFR addresses restrictions within the fascia to facilitate the body’s own healing. 

This modality is an excellent bodywork approach for sensitive or tactile-defensive horses, and is also good for horses who have experienced trauma, have scar tissue or emotional stress from the same. MFR is an excellent technique to address body tension, asymmetries, pelvic rotations, restrictions anywhere in the body as well as addressing craniosacral, TMJ and hyoid release. This technique uses long and gentle holds to affect tissue and is “lead” by the tissue to areas that are in need of release.


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Initial session


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"I run a lesson program with a very diverse group of horses, from the young and green to the seniors, and from ponies to big warmbloods. All of them benefit from Shana’s touch and expertise, both in physically improving and maintaining their condition and soundness, and in their obvious sense of comfort and relaxation in her presence. Highly recommended Shana and her services!"

Gabrielle Krueger, owner and trainer, Corner Stone Equitation, Boise, ID

Gait Assessment

Standalone Session

This assessment is a more in-depth version of the dynamic assessment included in an initial bodywork session and is a good tool if you think your horse is not moving correctly but is not obviously lame to you, is having trouble keeping or picking up a lead, trouble with bending laterally or moving in one direction over another, dragging toes, using their neck too much for movement or not enough, or generally seems stiff. 

It is not intended to diagnose a problem, but can give valuable information to you in report form to give to your vet if an exam is recommended, or for a follow up bodywork session, or to recommend exercises to improve non-lameness scale issues.

What's Included?


per session


Kinesiology Tape Application

K-tape is a therapeutic modality that helps support the body’s natural healing process. Through stimulation of nerves and receptors in the horse’s skin and fascia, K-tape works to support, relax or activate muscles, depending on the appropriate application, and addresses soft-tissue soreness or injury, supports musculoskeletal structures, and benefits the circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous system. Educated application is essential in obtaining full benefits from K-tape. Each K-tape application includes one roll of tape. Additional rolls used in session will be billed at $15 dollars each.

What's Included?


for standalone application


when added to bodywork session

Bodywork Clinics

custom tailored topics

Topics can be custom tailored and could include anatomy (in a fun way!), demonstrations of mobilization and stretching techniques, ground pole work, basic owner massage techniques, horsemanship, equine physiology. Bodywork clinics are great for any training or show barn, as well as Pony Club and 4H Groups.

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